Overview Of The Industry
The global automotive industry is a highly diversified sector that comprises of manufacturers,suppliers,dealers,retailers,original equipment manufacturers or OEMs.As the automotive sector has become extremely competitive in recent years,the margins have narrowed down,even though the volumes are on the rise because of the expanding market size.Auto companies have realized that the only way to maintain a healthy bottom-line along with the growing top-line in this competitive market is to focus on after-sales as a revenue stream.Mobile messaging becomes crucial in automobile sector because of following reasons:
Need of Industry:

Reminder services (payment and servicing reminder).
Informing people about new products and offers.
Acknowledgement of payment and service.
Interdepartmental communication.
New customer acquisition.
Insurance reselling.
Customer retention.
Service recovery.
Proper feedback
SMS billing.

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Bulk SMS Services

Service reminder
Mobile messaging provides better customer experience by automatically reminding customers of regular service checks and helping them easily register their Queries/complaints.
Payment reminder
Mobile messaging improves the efficiency of the customer service executives by automating the sending of payment due and service reminders.
Insurance reselling
Reminders on premium due to customers and alerts on insurance due to customers.
Welcome note
A welcome note to a new customer who is availing the service for the first time.
Alerts on special service camps
Alerts to customers on launch of a new promotion/product.
Service recovery
Sending an apology sms after a service failure to recover the failure.
Test drive
Informing people about the various tests drives available.
Send birthday, purchase anniversary etc. to customers.
Service vehicle ready reminder.
Warranty service.
Short Code Services
Locating service station.
Emergency helpline.
Registering queries and complaints.
Prospects can register interest for the vehicle using short-codes.
Email Marketing Campaigns
Up-sell and Cross-sell Products and Services.
Drive Web Users to Make Offline Purchases.
Gain Valuable Feedback from your Visitors
It supports sales through other channels.
It builds relationships, loyalty and trust.
Increase Your Sales Conversion.
Generate Repeat Sales.
It drives direct sales.
It allows targeting.
It is data driven
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